Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A few Incomparable products

Welcome to
Official Web blog of Incomparable Buttons & Accessories:

Bringing you a wide and wonderful range of handmade and hand painted, fully washable buttons, flat back and acid-free craft pieces, greeting cards, craft packs, painting kits, clock kits, picture frame kits, and various other Incomparable products. Ordering is easy & we ship worldwide!
An extensive variety of buttons ideal for crafters, knitters and sewers! Displayed on natural corrugated cards, the buttons are unique in stores as gifts! Fun and inspiring for crafters, quilters and cross-stitchers! A must for anyone who loves to craft or embellish projects, greeting cards, scrap books and altered pages. Copyright designs by Jennifer Pascall. Themes for every occasion including Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, cats, dogs, museum, zoo, seaside, etc. Why settle for plastic?
Distribution sought worldwide. Please contact us if you would like to distribute our handmade buttons & greeting cards.